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Aketta Crickets will be the protein that saves the world Featured Tech 

Aketta Crickets will be the protein that saves the world

Aketta Crickets make it obvious to see that the world is changing. Global warming is real. So is the food sustainability issue. We are living in a time with more people and fewer resources. The resources we do have are becoming exhausted and we can see the data that’s pointing in the wrong direction. There is a company called Aketta that is farming crickets to combat this problem.

But why Aketta crickets? Well, they’re extremely high in protein and important nutrients like iron and calcium. One unique selling point in the nutritional value of insects is they are ingested whole. You’re not just eating muscle, you’re also eating the bones and organs, which deliver calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.

Not to mention the sustainability aspect.

Aketta Crickets: sustainability

Pretty eye opening am I right?

Aketta Crickets are the answer for protein

Companies are popping up left and right trying to figure out the solution for solving the food sustainability issue. 30 startups in North America alone are focusing on insects as a source for alternative food. They’re being made into flour, baked goods, candy, and even bars. And they’re grabbing a lot of venture funding along the way. Exo has been funded 4 million thus far.

And Exo isn’t even the first to rake in cash from investors. Chapul won a $50,000 investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank in 2014, and Tiny Farms, a company that develops technology for raising insects, announced an “undisclosed amount” of funding earlier this year from Arielle Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s sister), Investors Circle, and former Bain & Company consultant Drew Fink. A Zuckerberg investment can never be a bad thing right?

The real question is, can people get past the barrier of entry when it comes to eating insects? Not too long ago sushi and lobster were looked at in a very negative light. It doesn’t look like there may be a choice in the matter. Eventually, food and space will run out. Food will be more scarce. Cattle prices are already on the rise.

So what do you say? Will you give it a try? 

~Vincent Vitale


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