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The Arrival Movie Review You Need To Read All Other Featured 

The Arrival Movie Review You Need To Read

A movie that is entertaining, with a meaningful story line; action packed, without big explosions; suspenseful, without cheap scare tactics; beautiful, without elaborate CGI sequences. Sound impossible in today’s Hollywood? I agree. But keep reading. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a good movie, much less a great one. Everything in Hollywood nowadays seems to be a Marvel movie, a Star Wars movie, a remake of an older (and better) movie, or a sequel to an older (and better) movie that might as well be a remake because it only…

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Ghosting: A weak way for millennials to break up All Other Featured Uncategorized 

Ghosting: A weak way for millennials to break up

3 different people in the last day have mentioned the term “Ghosting” to me. I had no idea what the word meant until I did a little research. Normally I don’t have a problem with the millennial world, the changing of times, or my generation as a whole. I love technology, startups, and the rate at which the world is moving. But this has got to stop. The Huffington Post created this post about the psychology of Ghosting. Basically the term means letting a relationship slowly die without ever saying it’s…

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Bo Burnham: Make Happy All Other Featured 

Bo Burnham: Make Happy

On June 3rd, Netflix released the most recent comedy special by Bo Burnham titled: Make Happy with relatively little fanfare. Since then, however, it has garnered critical acclaim from various news outlets and celebrities alike, and is being regarded by many as one of the best comedy releases on the platform. Amy Schumer tweeted that Make Happy is the special of the year. Mike Birbiglia shared, “the Bo Burnham special is so good, it made me, sitting alone in a room, say ‘whoa.’” The irony is that this critical acclaim…

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Pokemon Go: More than relevant All Other Business Gaming Tech 

Pokemon Go: More than relevant

Amidst the horrors of last week’s shootings and killings in which police served as both victims and perpetrators, only one other topic managed to shake country out of the somber reality of violence in America.   Pokemon Go, the biggest hit since Flappy Bird, allows people to become the Pokemon trainers they always wanted to be. The game, through GPS tracking, places digital Pokemon in the real world and allows people to catch, train and battle them, just as they can in Nintendo’s hit portable games for systems like the…

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