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Aketta Crickets will be the protein that saves the world Featured Tech 

Aketta Crickets will be the protein that saves the world

Aketta Crickets make it obvious to see that the world is changing. Global warming is real. So is the food sustainability issue. We are living in a time with more people and fewer resources. The resources we do have are becoming exhausted and we can see the data that’s pointing in the wrong direction. There is a company called Aketta that is farming crickets to combat this problem. But why Aketta crickets? Well, they’re extremely high in protein and important nutrients like iron and calcium. One unique selling point in the nutritional…

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Title 3 Equity Crowdfunding: The History, and The Future. Business Featured Tech 

Title 3 Equity Crowdfunding: The History, and The Future.

You’ve heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo by now right? Yea, those are pretty popular but you should be paying attention to companies like Republic. Times are changing, and you’ll hear more about them soon thanks to the rise of equity crowdfunding. You probably didn’t know Youngry was the first Reg CF crowdfunding offer to fund on Republic. That may even sound a bit confusing. Well let me break it down for you. Title III allows entrepreneurs to raise up to $1 million in capital from the crowd. For the first time since…

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Will Twitter be acquired? The answer may not be… Featured Tech 

Will Twitter be acquired? The answer may not be…

My notes on Twitter’s potential acquisition. If you’re into startups or tech, you know Twitter has been on the chopping block for quite some time. Their stock jumped when potential suitors were named. Their stock also dropped when said potential suitors backed out. But what suitor actually makes sense to jump in and acquire Twitter? Salesforce is an interesting suitor. Currently has around half of the current market cap of Twitter in its own cash reserves. Stacks on stacks. But they would need to raise the remainder elsewhere if it’s…

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Republic: Equity crowdfunding is the new wave Business Featured Tech 

Republic: Equity crowdfunding is the new wave

Equity crowdfunding is taking the world by storm, the company leading the charge is Here is what you need to know! The history of equity crowdfunding Crowdfunding has been around for a while, but until recently, “crowdfunding” in the U.S. meant buying a product or donating money. Think Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. You can help companies by making purchases at different tiers. For instance donating $20 may get you a free t-shirt or hat. Separately, only wealthy people were allowed to invest in start-ups and early stage private companies….

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YOUNGRY: The ESPN of entrepreneurship Business Featured Tech 

YOUNGRY: The ESPN of entrepreneurship

“Youngry ™ is an entrepreneur media company whose mission is to unite the entrepreneurship ecosystem with a democratized platform for entrepreneurship news, original video programming, and e-commerce products to help an entrepreneur become successful. Kinda of like the ESPN for entrepreneurship! The company was founded by a two time White House award winning entrepreneur, and a globally recognized entrepreneur, whose created some of the largest movements in social media today.” With a catch phrase like “young in spirit, hungry in ambition” what’s not to like! Here is my one on…

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Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go is Just the Beginning Featured Tech 

Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go is Just the Beginning

The Skim: Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. It may be because the original gameboy game came out 2 decades ago and 90’s kids were longing to reconnect with their favorite game of all time. However, I think it’s because of how people are getting caught up in what augmented reality will turn into. On the Talking Ventures radio show, co-host Justin Klein said “Pokemon is a fad, but Augmented reality is here to stay.” By definition, augmented reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world…

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Pokemon Go: More than relevant All Other Business Gaming Tech 

Pokemon Go: More than relevant

Amidst the horrors of last week’s shootings and killings in which police served as both victims and perpetrators, only one other topic managed to shake country out of the somber reality of violence in America.   Pokemon Go, the biggest hit since Flappy Bird, allows people to become the Pokemon trainers they always wanted to be. The game, through GPS tracking, places digital Pokemon in the real world and allows people to catch, train and battle them, just as they can in Nintendo’s hit portable games for systems like the…

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