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Durant is a Warrior: Favorite is now most hated Featured Sports 

Durant is a Warrior: Favorite is now most hated

The Skim: Kevin Durant chose to join the Golden State Warriors. Fans from the other 29 teams are completely shaken to their core. People’s emotions are ranging from excited to post LeBron decision. Here are 10 things to consider. 


#1 This isn’t the same as when Lebron left Cleveland. LeBron was from Cleveland and promised his city a championship. Kevin Durant is from DC. 


#2 However it might be worse. LeBron lost to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals before he joined Miami. LeBron signed with Miami, not the Celtics. What Kevin Durant did was team up with the team that beat him. That is arguably worse. Especially since the Thunder were up 3-1. It took a ridiculous historic performance from Klay Thompson to beat the Thunder. To make matters worse, Durant had a terrible shooting series. Plus there’s this… 6 years of losing can change a man. Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 9.14.07 AM

#3 This makes KD’s life a LOT easier. Think about how many tough contested shots he had to take in that series against the Warriors. Now he’ll be able to catch and shoot because he will be surrounded with multiple threats. Imagine Curry shaking and baking with Durant and Klay waiting on the wings. My god. 


#4 This team will be incredible to watch. OKC out Warriored the Warriors in the playoffs. A large part of that was because of Durant’s ability to shoot and run the floor. Now he joins a team that fits his game perfectly. The results will be amazing to watch. Durant and Curry are 2 of the top 5 best players in the NBA. Klay and Draymond are both top 15. Not to mention the last 3 NBA MVP awards have been given to Kevin Durant and Steph Curry


#5 I still think this team can lose. Current odds have Warriors at 4-5 odds which is INSANE, and almost unheard of. If you bet $100 on the Warriors in Vegas right now you’d only win $80. That’s rare for having to bet against the other 29 teams. Plus both Curry and Durant have sustained pretty serious injuries throughout their careers. Health could easily derail this team. LeBron and the Cavs can still win in my opinion. Especially if they move Kevin Love. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.00.23 AM

#6 This team will be hated. The Warriors were loved by everyone in the country. They were easy to love. Mostly because everyone fell in love with Curry. I can’t remember a more adored athlete in my entire life. That started to unravel in the last playoffs. The Warriors started to get annoying to some. Curry throwing his mouth piece. Draymond kicking people. Their meltdown against the Cavs. Now they will be downright hated by some. I have friends that are claiming to have sworn off watching the NBA because of this decision. The Stephen A Smith VS Kevin Durant beef continues! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.01.01 AM


#7 There is a lot of nickname potential. Will they be the Splash Triplets? They have undoubtedly the best 3 shooters in the game. The Big 4 with Draymond? Someone has to come up with something creative. 


#8 Essentially a 1 year deal. Durant will opt out of his contract after this summer so he can sign a max deal. This will allow him to sign for more money and a longer contract plus he will get a boost in salary potential because it will be his 10th year in the league. 


#9 Russell Westbrook will get traded or win the MVP this season. This opens the floodgates for Russell Westbrook who has been rumored to be Sam Presti’s favorite player. I think Presti should trade Westbrook because I foresee him signing with the Lakers next summer. If he doesn’t get traded, his stats without Durant on the team will be something to see. 


#10 This hurts the Under Armour brand. Steph was the face of a franchise and the face of the Bay Area. Now Kevin Durant and Nike will be engrained in the Bay Area and this Warriors franchise. The real winner here is Nike. They have 3 signature athletes total now that Kobe has retired. Two of those signature athletes are on the Cavs (Lebron and Kyrie) and one is now on the Warriors (Durant) You can bet these 2 teams will have a rematch in the 2017 NBA finals.

Final thoughts… I find it strange that I’ll be cheering hard for the Cavs in the finals. 

~Vincent Vitale


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