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Funny Money: NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2016 Business Featured Sports 

Funny Money: NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2016

The Skim: The NBA signed a new TV deal that could pay the league nearly 2 billion dollars. This is expanding the salary cap causing NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2016. This past season the salary cap was around 70 million. Experts are projecting it to jump to 92 million for this season. Check out some of the results.


Timofey Mozgov- 4 years 64 million dollars. He will now make 16 million per year. Meaning next year he will make more money than Rudy Gay 13.3 MM, Serge Ibaka 12.5 MM, Steph Curry 12.1 MM, Kemba Walker 12 MM, Kyle Lowry 12 MM, Andre Iguodala 11.1 MM, Isiah Thomas 6.5 MM, Tim Duncan 5.6 MM.

Last year he averaged 6 mins per game after having summer knee surgery. You’d also think he isn’t quite the “run the floor” center or shooter that new head coach Luke Walton wants.


Chandler Parsons- Will have an official breakup with Dallas after they refused to give him a max contract. He agreed to a max contract offer from Memphis worth 94.8 million over 4 years equating to nearly 24 million per year. This is for a guy who averaged 14 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists (all rounded up) last year with Dallas. Woof.

Joakim Noah- What are the Knicks doing? First they trade for what’s left of Derrick Rose. Then they sign Joacim Noah for 72 million over 4 years. Paying him 18 million per year! Joakim Noah had left shoulder surgery last year and missed a bulk of the season. He’s sustained several injuries the last few days, after former head coach Tom Thibodeau ran their team into the ground. Pray for his new franchise the Timberwolves and their young core. This signing of Noah puts an injury ridden team together of Rose, Melo and Noah. Whose next Eric Gordon?



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Here’s a full list of what’s going on


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.16.54 AM

~Vincent Vitale


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  1. […] money around right now. It’s getting out of hand. Welcome to Free Agency Frenzy 2016. Checkout part 1 if you haven’t already. By the way…Who is Solomn […]

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