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WHO?! GOT WHAT?! NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2016 Part 2 Sports 

WHO?! GOT WHAT?! NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2016 Part 2


The Skim: Welcome to NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2016: NBA teams are throwing money around right now. It’s getting out of hand. Checkout part 1 if you haven’t already. By the way…Who is Solomn Hill?


Good question he just agreed to get paid 52 million for 4 years. That’s 13 million a year! Is there even a Solomn Hill highlight on Youtube! Somebody post it if there is! The man averaged 4 points 1 assist and 3 rebounds! What is this madness!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.49.32 PM

The Bucks signed…
Matthew Dellavedova for 4 years and 38.4 million. Delly averaged 12 mins per game in the playoffs and less than 4 points. Woofemdo9vf3nkflxnkevlko
Mirza Teletovic for 3 years 30 million dollars. That”s the same guy the New York Post reported may not play again for having heart problems. Yikes
Evan Turner agreed to 70 million over 4 years. Yes, he will make more money that Steph Curry next year.
Evan Fournier agreed to an 85 million dollar 5 year extension. Who?
~Vincent Vitale

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