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Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go is Just the Beginning Featured Tech 

Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go is Just the Beginning

The Skim: Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. It may be because the original gameboy game came out 2 decades ago and 90’s kids were longing to reconnect with their favorite game of all time. However, I think it’s because of how people are getting caught up in what augmented reality will turn into. On the Talking Ventures radio show, co-host Justin Klein said “Pokemon is a fad, but Augmented reality is here to stay.” By definition, augmented reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world…

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Pokemon Go: More than relevant All Other Business Gaming Tech 

Pokemon Go: More than relevant

Amidst the horrors of last week’s shootings and killings in which police served as both victims and perpetrators, only one other topic managed to shake country out of the somber reality of violence in America.   Pokemon Go, the biggest hit since Flappy Bird, allows people to become the Pokemon trainers they always wanted to be. The game, through GPS tracking, places digital Pokemon in the real world and allows people to catch, train and battle them, just as they can in Nintendo’s hit portable games for systems like the…

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