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Aketta Crickets will be the protein that saves the world Featured Tech 

Aketta Crickets will be the protein that saves the world

Aketta Crickets make it obvious to see that the world is changing. Global warming is real. So is the food sustainability issue. We are living in a time with more people and fewer resources. The resources we do have are becoming exhausted and we can see the data that’s pointing in the wrong direction. There is a company called Aketta that is farming crickets to combat this problem. But why Aketta crickets? Well, they’re extremely high in protein and important nutrients like iron and calcium. One unique selling point in the nutritional…

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Title 3 Equity Crowdfunding: The History, and The Future. Business Featured Tech 

Title 3 Equity Crowdfunding: The History, and The Future.

You’ve heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo by now right? Yea, those are pretty popular but you should be paying attention to companies like Republic. Times are changing, and you’ll hear more about them soon thanks to the rise of equity crowdfunding. You probably didn’t know Youngry was the first Reg CF crowdfunding offer to fund on Republic. That may even sound a bit confusing. Well let me break it down for you. Title III allows entrepreneurs to raise up to $1 million in capital from the crowd. For the first time since…

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Ghosting: A weak way for millennials to break up All Other Featured Uncategorized 

Ghosting: A weak way for millennials to break up

3 different people in the last day have mentioned the term “Ghosting” to me. I had no idea what the word meant until I did a little research. Normally I don’t have a problem with the millennial world, the changing of times, or my generation as a whole. I love technology, startups, and the rate at which the world is moving. But this has got to stop. The Huffington Post created this post about the psychology of Ghosting. Basically the term means letting a relationship slowly die without ever saying it’s…

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Republic: Equity crowdfunding is the new wave Business Featured Tech 

Republic: Equity crowdfunding is the new wave

Equity crowdfunding is taking the world by storm, the company leading the charge is Here is what you need to know! The history of equity crowdfunding Crowdfunding has been around for a while, but until recently, “crowdfunding” in the U.S. meant buying a product or donating money. Think Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. You can help companies by making purchases at different tiers. For instance donating $20 may get you a free t-shirt or hat. Separately, only wealthy people were allowed to invest in start-ups and early stage private companies….

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A seismic change in Daily Fantasy Football Business Featured Sports 

A seismic change in Daily Fantasy Football

Do you remember DraftKings and Fan Duel blowing up last year in the realm of daily fantasy football? Do you remember all of their commercials? Do you remember the promises of large cash payouts. Well here is a quick update on their state of affairs, and what you should expect this coming season in daily fantasy football. What exactly is daily fantasy football? Daily fantasy football is a form of fantasy football that teeters the line between skill based competition and gambling. Users pick the players they think will perform the…

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YOUNGRY: The ESPN of entrepreneurship Business Featured Tech 

YOUNGRY: The ESPN of entrepreneurship

“Youngry ™ is an entrepreneur media company whose mission is to unite the entrepreneurship ecosystem with a democratized platform for entrepreneurship news, original video programming, and e-commerce products to help an entrepreneur become successful. Kinda of like the ESPN for entrepreneurship! The company was founded by a two time White House award winning entrepreneur, and a globally recognized entrepreneur, whose created some of the largest movements in social media today.” With a catch phrase like “young in spirit, hungry in ambition” what’s not to like! Here is my one on…

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Stranger Things: Truly Original Nostalgia Entertainment Featured TV 

Stranger Things: Truly Original Nostalgia

The Skim: Stranger Things just launched on Netflix. This is another installment of their  “Netflix originals.” This one is truly original in the sense that I haven’t seen anything like it. However, it is set in the past is a pastiche to Steven Spielberg’s oeuvre. It also brought back some ET like nostalgia. That and the cassette tapes. (Side note: I had trouble spelling cassette. I’m truly a millennial now.) It’s a horror/thriller set in 1983 and it dropped on Netflix on July 15. It has been gaining quite a bit of traction…

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Lil Dicky: A rapper who can tell a story Featured Music 

Lil Dicky: A rapper who can tell a story

The Skim: Lil Dicky knows how to tell a story through rap music. But he’s also creative and talented enough to do it in a way that makes you gravitate toward him. He is a lyrical wordsmith that is funny, but he is more than just that. Expect Lil Dicky to command more and more respect in the rap game moving forward. The first time I heard of Lil Dicky was after a Youtube video had concluded and his Sway in the morning freestyle popped up as a recommended video…

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Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go is Just the Beginning Featured Tech 

Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go is Just the Beginning

The Skim: Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. It may be because the original gameboy game came out 2 decades ago and 90’s kids were longing to reconnect with their favorite game of all time. However, I think it’s because of how people are getting caught up in what augmented reality will turn into. On the Talking Ventures radio show, co-host Justin Klein said “Pokemon is a fad, but Augmented reality is here to stay.” By definition, augmented reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world…

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Durant is a Warrior: Favorite is now most hated Featured Sports 

Durant is a Warrior: Favorite is now most hated

The Skim: Kevin Durant chose to join the Golden State Warriors. Fans from the other 29 teams are completely shaken to their core. People’s emotions are ranging from excited to post LeBron decision. Here are 10 things to consider.    #1 This isn’t the same as when Lebron left Cleveland. LeBron was from Cleveland and promised his city a championship. Kevin Durant is from DC.    #2 However it might be worse. LeBron lost to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals before he joined Miami. LeBron signed with Miami, not the…

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