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YOUNGRY: The ESPN of entrepreneurship Business Featured Tech 

YOUNGRY: The ESPN of entrepreneurship

“Youngry ™ is an entrepreneur media company whose mission is to unite the entrepreneurship ecosystem with a democratized platform for entrepreneurship news, original video programming, and e-commerce products to help an entrepreneur become successful. Kinda of like the ESPN for entrepreneurship! The company was founded by a two time White House award winning entrepreneur, and a globally recognized entrepreneur, whose created some of the largest movements in social media today.”

With a catch phrase like “young in spirit, hungry in ambition” what’s not to like!

Here is my one on one with Youngry cofounder Ash Kumra.

Why is Youngry necessary?

We are helping unite the entrepreneur ecosystem (entrepreneurs, mentors/service providers, investors). Our movement helps early stage entrepreneurs get informed with amazing content to educate/inform them, allow mentors/investors to connect as content contributors with their experience/guidance and for the whole ecosystem to collaborate with us on helpful products so early stage entrepreneurs can take action and make their venture, idea, hustle and/or own movement better!

Above else we want to solve the lonely, non-connected feeling many entrepreneurs including have gone through. Through our content & events we want to help alleviate that!

Why should people back this campaign

Because this is a campaign made by entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs! We have been in the shoes and are working to make our current chapter a sensational success. This campaign allows our ecosystem (entrepreneurs, mentors, investors) to be a part of our campaign from day one, be involved and celebrate as we rise!

Ash Kumra

Why become an entrepreneur?

I like to create things that can make people’s lives better. There is no better calling for me than this life!

What is your greatest achievement?

Anytime I can help an entrepreneur realize they can DO IT and pursue that dream it’s an accomplishment! So all of those specific experiences lol.

What is your end goal for Youngry?

We want to be the ESPN of entrepreneurship. The current campaign will get officially launched with editorial content and community features so our ecosystem can help promote and suggest which early stage ventures need promotion from us and everyone.

As we scale we want to build a digital content network with the most creative, informative and inspiring to help entrepreneurs rise! And develop and share amazing products/services to help entrepreneurs achieve that dream!

~Vincent Vitale

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